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What is Stellar (XLM) Wallet?

Stellar Lumens can be viewed as a high-quality decentralized, open-source blockchain project that focuses on fiat payments and cross-border money transfers between different pairs of cryptocurrencies. This particular cryptocurrency was initially developed by the Stellar Development Foundation to tackle the issues regarding payment gateways by revolutionizing the market for currencies and assets. In short, Stellar is also considered an all-in-one payment solution because it provides payment rails, ramps, and swap ices as well. The inception of Stellar’s blockchain network ages as far back as 2014 and was created in response to fixing some of the flaws with Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency and make a better version with more features as well as support decentralization.

Stellar’s founder as well as its most prominent face is Jed McCaleb who was also part of the Ripple team. He initially found Ripple and then he eventually branched out and created the Stellar Development Foundation which then brought forth the Stellar project. This was done mainly because of many indifferences between him and the rest of the team with the direction of the Ripple project. If you are not aware, when there is a conflict with most blockchain projects, various team embers tend to migrate to other projects or create something new to fulfill their vision and goals.

Hypothetically, the visualization of Stellar’s solution can be viewed as a platform that allows any individual to move or transfer anything from modern or existing asset classes of currency efficiently and effectively across the globe. Essentially, this creates less friction as it relates to moving assets since Stellar Lumens are used as the asset. Lumens are the native currency of the Stellar network, which also goes by the ticker XLM. With that said, this is where the similarities between Stellar and Ripple’s XRP lies since they both aim at creating frictionless cross-border payment solutions for the masses as well as huge players in the industry.

Some vital aspects set Stellar apart from its competition in the crypto space. Some of these distinct features include a fully decentralized and open-source blockchain network, which means that anyone can collaborate and build. Stellar uses very low transaction costs, are highly scalable, has smart contracts for building applications on the network, and also has database restoration features if something went wrong with a particular blockchain or product on the network. Most blockchains do not have these features and cannot be rolled back if something should go wrong on their network.

What Is a Stellar (XLM) Wallet?

At this point, you might be wondering, “What is a Stellar (XLM) Wallet?” To sum that up, the Stellar XLM Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet or storage that allows just about anyone to connect and interact with the Stellar Blockchain Network to carry out various transactions. This interaction can be done with different types of cryptocurrency wallets. It’s important to note that Stellar has both lite and full node wallets. Full node wallets are those that enforce all the rules of the blockchain and do not omit any transaction or updates. Users that have full node Stellar wallets are always connected and up-to-date with the latest block or transactions on the network. One important thing to note though is that these wallets can be very performance and memory-intensive. This can be an issue for some individuals, hence, it is most suitable for people who have a large number of computing resources.

Another type of Stellar wallet that can be acquired is a light wallet. A Stellar light wallet or light node is a wallet that allows users to interact with the blockchain by confirming transactions without syncing every bit of information. Light wallets do not need a great number of computing resources since they do not download the entire blockchain history or use a vast amount of computing power and disk space. Most Stellar wallets that are used today are typically light wallets, but this does not mean that individuals do not still use full node wallets as well. Additionally, light wallets cannot work without full node wallets, since they have to sync with full node wallets from time to time. This can be thought of as connecting to a larger network and extracting essential pieces of information as it is needed.

Stellar’s full node and light node wallets are both important and suitable for different individuals. Light wallets however, are the most commonly used since they are very efficient. This is possible because light wallets only download the relevant information needed at the time of sending or receiving a transaction. Both light and full node wallets have the same network fee when sending or receiving Stellar Lumens (XLM). A fee of 1 XLM is usually the cost for a transaction from one wallet to another over Stellar’s network.

Stellar Wallet Features:

In this technological era, it is crucial to have a secure and reliable light or full node wallet, especially when transacting with cryptocurrencies such as Stellar (XLM). This is where the Stellar light wallet comes in because it is a very secure, fast, and efficient non-custodial wallet that can be used to store your Stellar Lumens (XLM). Non-custodial means that your private keys will never leave your wallet. Your Stellar light wallet is only used to connect to the blockchain to sync your balances and transactions.

With the Stellar light wallet, security is one of the highest priorities which is why your private keys will never leave your wallet. You are always in charge of this information. Individuals who use a centralized wallet cannot say the same about their private keys and in the crypto space, your private key is the door to your digital assets. Therefore it is very critical that you and only you have this information at any given time. Moreover, the Stellar wallet does not store any of your data or information so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are transacting in a decentralized manner.

With centralized exchanges, you leave your data at risk since you are not in control of your private keys. However, the Stellar light wallet allows you to be in full control and you will never have to undergo any form of verification or registration when creating or accessing your wallet at any time. On the other hand, this is not the case with a centralized swapswap Another huge befit of using the Stellar light wallet is that you have access to many other features such as purchasing and swapping other cryptocurrencies for Stellar Lumens (XLM) vice versa. A complete list of features is listed below.

The Stellar Wallet has many features that are beneficial to those who want to hold this cryptocurrency as it gradually appreciates. These include but are not limited to:

  • Built-in swap witswap 0 different cryptocurrencies
  • Purchase XLM with a credit card
  • Password, PIN, and Fingerprint security (mobile wallet)
  • Mobile and Desktop platform availability
  • QR code scanning to easily send and receive XLM
  • Display XLM balance in your local supported currency
  • Password/fingerprint required on each transaction

How to store Stellar XLM Safely?

When using cryptocurrencies users have to ensure that their assets are stored safely. Should you be thinking about storing your Stellar Lumens safely, the Atomic Stellar Wallet is the perfect candidate for the job. Our wallet is a non-custodial wallet that does not require any information from users such as identification or personal information and can be created from anywhere in the world. The high level of security that the Atomic Stellar wallet offers is possible with the use of a 12-word mnemonic seed phrase to help protect the private keys of your assets.

Upon creating a new wallet, you will be prompted to write down your 12-word seed phrase which can be used to retrieve your wallet from anywhere in the world. You must never share this information with anyone unless you, of course, wish for them to access your wallet. Your 12-word seed phase should not be stored digitally for your safety as well since it will be susceptible to hacks or phishing attacks among other forms of compromisation methods by attackers. Atomic Stellar wallet also has added security features such as fingerprint and password protection. This prevents the sending or receiving of digital assets without your authorization. However, it should be noted that a new password can be created if you restore your wallet with the seed phrase. Hence, the seed phrase is ultimately the most important attribute of your wallet.

Once you deposit, purchase or swap other cswap encies for Stellar XLM, you can be sure that it will be protected within the Stellar light wallet as long as you take the necessary measures outlined above. You can also write down your public keys and store them outside of your wallet if you wish to access your assets without logging into your wallet, in a public setting for instance. A public key is completely safe to share if you want to receive funds, but your private key should not be shared with anyone. Following these steps will allow you to successfully store your Stellar XLM safely in your wallet.

Top 5 things to know about Stellar:

  • Stellar is run and operated by Stellar Development Foundation which is a non-profit organization that was founded by Stellar’s CEO Jed McCaleb. In the initial stages, Stellar received funding from startups such as Stripe; Big players like Google, Block Rock, and FastForward. IBM is also one of Stellar’s major blockchain partners.
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM) is one of the few cryptocurrencies with an annual inflation ecosystem. This was designed to help with the adoption and growth of the network’s usage and the rate of inflation is fixed at 1% per year. Users on the network that hold XLM tokens will benefit from inflation because transaction fees are recycled back into the network. Users who hold Lumens can also vote on which accounts should receive Lumens.
  • XLM is compliant with regulations across the world to ensure that it does not violate any stipulations set out by governments. XLM aims to help bank the unbanked and is not necessarily against banks. This means that they work closely with regulators to meet all the requirements unlike most cryptocurrencies in the space that do the latter.
  • Stellar’s network is protected and secured via its Consensus Protocol which ensures that there are no bad actors on the network. This is also done in a decentralized manner and allows a great level of security across the Stellar Blockchain infrastructure. With these features, the network is attractive to governments and tech giants who want to use a high-quality blockchain.
  • Most individuals called the token Stellar, however, Stellar is the name of the company or organization behind the cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is called Stellar Lumens or just Lumens and goes by the ricker XLM. The same can be said about cryptocurrency like XRP which people sometimes call RIpple. However, Ripple is the company and XRP is the cryptocurrency.


In closing, we must posit that there are many ways to store your Stellar Lumens cryptocurrency, but the most important thing especially in a fast-growing space is to have your assets stored securely! Moreover, there are numerous Stellar Lumens light and full node wallets, likewise, it is important that as a user, you choose the one that is most suitable for your needs. Light wallets are by far the most efficient and convenient especially when transacting and interacting with the blockchain regularly with cryptocurrencies. Our wallet is updated frequently and uses state-of-the-art technology to keep your assets safe on the blockchain. Stellar is a great project that will do well and there are lots of positivity revolving around it. As it relates to price, Stellar is currently trading at a price of 42 cents at the time of writing, however, there are price predictions that it could go above ten dollars in the near future.

The Atomic Wallet is by far one of the most advanced and secured cryptocurrency wallets to store your Stellar Lumens. This is true since it is a non-custodial wallet, therefore your private keys never leave your wallet. Your wallet is only used to interact with the blockchain when you send and receive transactions or check your account balance. There are also other layers of security such as a mnemonic seed phase, as well as fingerprint, and password unlocking. Additionally, the Atomic Wallet allows you to explore over 300 other assets along with Stellar Lumens, which means that you can have all your tokens stored in one place. Our wallet is free for download and is available for all major operating systems and platforms including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Linux.


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