Binance Dex AWC Trading Guide

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Top up your Atomic Wallet with BNBCopy BNB address from Atomic and send funds to it. Your balances will be updated in a few seconds. Read this article if you want to learn more about AWC.

Paste your seed phrase on the Binance Dex and create a password.Go to “Settings” -> “Private Keys”, copy 12 words seed phrase.

Open Binance DEX and Click “Unlock Wallet”.Choose “Mnemonic Phrase”. Paste your seed phrase in the field.

Make password secure enough and easy to write as Binance DEX will ask you to insert it while trading sometimes. Easy to write pass will help you to catch the wave or close profitable orders just in time ????

Note: If you have ERC20 AWC and want to swap it to BNB-AWC, please check this guide. Happy Trading!

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