Atomic Wallet Roadmap: 2019


Another year is over, so now it’s time to take stock of 2018 and share our plans for the new year.
The Atomic team has done a huge work to craft a good all-in-one solution for your cryptos. There’s still a lot of things to do in order to make Atomic more friendly, more convenient, more robust.

What is done

Support for top 25 blockchains and over 300 tokens.
We’ve added over almost all the top coins and tokens you can manage securely in the Atomic desktop application. Moreover, you can add and manage custom ERC20 tokens. All your private keys are generated locally from the seed phrase on your device and protected by encryption. Atomic is built on top of common open source libraries, that guarantee your funds are secure. Private keys are encrypted and never leave your device, which means you have full access and control over your crypto in Atomic.

A large and friendly community of 100K users

Since the product launch, the Atomic community grew to 100K users, who downloaded the wallet. Most of them use the wallet on a regular basis. We cherish the trust of our users and keep them updated and provide 24/7 support in our Telegram live chatTwitter and Facebook.

Atomic Wallet Statistics

Atomic Swaps

The “Atomic” name speaks for itself since we support atomic swaps. That is a relatively new game-changing way to exchange cryptocurrency without middlemen. In Atomic Wallet, you can exchange Bitcoin, Litecoin, and QTUM. Since the launch, we’ve processed around 1000 atomic swaps. Only a few cryptos support the swaps, so far. But we expect this number to be increased in the next year, so that’s just the beginning.

AWC listing on IDEX

Atomic Wallet became the first multicurrency wallet with its underlying ERC20 Atomic token, AWC, distributed publicly. The AWC token is used as a reward for affiliate and bounty campaigns, signups and access to the extra features of the wallet. By the end of 2018, we’ve distributed around 1,5M AWC. We’ve made it possible to trade AWC on IDEX so that all AWC hodlers can take full advantage of the token.

AWC listed on IDEX

Visa / Mastercard support

In addition, Atomic Wallet has integrated Simplex as a bank card operator. You can buy XRP, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum just in a few clicks within the wallet application.

Buy Crypto

Built-in instant exchanges

With Changelly Shapeshift and ChangeNOW onboard, you can exchange a wide range of cryptos instantly, without using the external websites.
For a few months, we’ve processed over $3M in crypto via these services.

Alpha mobile app

We’ve already released our mobile wallet application in alpha! If you wanna test it, contact us to get the invitation link.

Save time and watch the video guide

What we’ll do in 2019

  • Mobile apps release for Android and iOS.
  • Assets portfolio discovery screen.
  • Hardware wallets support – Trezor, Ledger, Keepkey.
  • Add more than 20 new assets in the wallet.
  • Trading desk for major exchanges.
  • A web browser extension for a more smooth desktop experience.
  • Sell crypto and withdrawal to your bank card.
  • Staking for PoS assets: TezosCardanoDecred, etc.
  • Non-fungible tokens and crypto-collectibles management.
  • Lightning implementation and cross-channel atomic swaps.
  • Localization – multiple languages and local currencies support.
  • Multi wallets management with the import of any private key.

A lot more features and improvements are coming, not included in this list. We still have a long way to go and hope to share the road together! Stay tuned with Atomic. The new year is gonna be more interesting!

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