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By Elizabeth Wright

September 24, 2020


Ripple Price Analyzis

Ripple lost its status as the second cryptocurrency by market cap and now sits on third place with an estimated capitalization amount of $12,473,462,638 and trading near 0.28 against USD at the time of writing. The second position has been taken by Ethereum with a market cap of $12,710,366,774. Ripple XRP established long term support at 0.25 and medium-term (minor) support at 0.28, after the rollercoaster in 2017-2018, bulls seem to have little enthusiasm in a driving price higher in the nearest future.

Ripple (XRP) Price Trends

Ripple (XRP) Price Trends

2017 Ripple was surprising us with lots of things. The Company made lots of contracts and the XRP coin was added in the list of exchange platforms. Investors started to discuss the effectiveness of long-term investments for Ripple, whose capitalization jumped from 236 million to 85 billion dollars in just one year, and the exchange price increased from 0.006 dollars for 1 XRP to 2.7 USD.

RPCA (Ripple Protocol consensus algorithm) protocol is used, protected from intruders who may try to fork the base. All nodes constantly interrogate each other and after a certain period of time, they vote on which copy of the database is correct. If there is a well-developed network of nodes, it is impossible to get a majority when voting, since the attacker needs to gain a majority for the limited time between polls of the network.

The growth of the XRP price had the place till 5-6 January 2018. After that, The XRP price went down. On March 30, 2018, the price of Ripple is 0.51$.

Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction

One of the positive effects on the Ripple Coin Price for 2019 is the availability of a technical commission. Its value is 0.00001 XRP. The mentioned amount is charged with each transaction, and after tightening is destroyed. Its essence is to protect the network from attacks from intruders and attempts to derail the system. Because of the burning of the commission, the number of XRP in the network is gradually reduced, which is an additional deterrent to the course.

Market Prediction for Ripple’s (XRP)

#1 Ripple Coin News Prediction
XRP may cost $8-10 by the end of 2019 due to technological advantages and real-world use cases of Ripple technologies.

#2 Investinheaven Ripple Price Prediction
In 2019 Ripple will cost $20. Because of the xRapid technology implementation, partnerships with financial institutions and XRP technology advantages.

#3 30rates Price Prediction
By the March the XRP will be in the level between $0.259 and maximum $0.299

No less positive factor – the principle of the crypto network. Unlike other virtual coins, XRP allows you to conduct from 1500 transactions per second or more. As a result, Ripple is not afraid of the notion of scalability. The network is built in such a way that all operations between users based on trust.

What will affect the Ripple Price?

Evaluating the future of cryptocurrency, you should go not only from already existed results of the development, developments and achievements of companies, but also take into account the peculiarities of crypto.

The existence of working contracts with many banking institutions, for example, the National Bank of the UAE. Work on increasing the functions available to customers, which makes the system more user-friendly and interesting for investors. Recently, the possibility of exchanging XRP for precious metals (with the participation of partners).

Benefits when conducting transactions. Experts give Ripple Price a positive outlook for 2019, basing their conclusions on the following advantages – low commission (about $ 0.003 as of March 30, 2018), a large number of transactions per second and high transfer speed. There is no need to confirm the transaction, so transactions between the parties take place in a short time.

What can stop Ripple Price from rising?

Along with positive qualities, there are also negative features – a monopoly in the banking sector, which hampers the advancement of technology, as well as uncertainty on the part of state bodies to crypto. The last factor concerns not only Ripple but also other virtual coins. Against the background of strong volatility, investors are reinsured and try not to invest large amounts until they achieve a stable rate. Despite the decrease in volatility, the cost of virtual currency continues to decline, albeit insignificant.

Investors need a trend reversal to invest. Another point is that influenced the position of bankers was the presence of a large number of coins at the hands of the creators. No one can guarantee that at some point in the market will not be additional XRP, which will lead to a collapse in prices. Such a problem occurred earlier, but after transferring 55 billion to the escrow account, such a risk was leveled, which allowed investors to breathe more freely. It remains a little – to follow the schedule and catch the beginning of a bullish trend.

It is impossible to give a confident and accurate forecast for two reasons: the company’s management does not disclose all the cards (therefore, it is not possible to carry out a full analysis) and it is difficult to predict the market mood. Much points to another success, but in reality, it remains only to wait and follow the news.

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