Atomic Wallet: July Report

Fusion AMA

What is done:

  1. New Desktop Releases (2.2.0 – 2.5.1)
  2. Mobile App – New 0.42.0 Release
  3. Membership Program
  4. AWC Trading Competition – final results
  5. AMAs: Raven Protocol, LTO Network, Thorchain, Fusion, Loopring, Cubiex
  6. Support Work in July

Desktop Releases (2.2.0 – 2.5.1)

We manage to update Atomic Wallet desktop version several times this month. What’s new:

  • Exchange History Tab.
  • Purchase of AWC and BNB via wallet’s interface
  • QR-codes with private keys/mnemonic seed.
  • Auto-update.
  • Support for YCash-ZCash fork, Tron-USDT.
  • Added Wink/TRC20 token.

You can download Atomic here.

Mobile App – New 0.42.0

In this update we made some improvements. What’s new:

  • BNB-BEP2 tokens from Binance DEX added.
  • Optimisation for low-performance devices.

Get the new mobile version on Google Play.

Membership Program

Atomic is the first cryptocurrency wallet started a multi-level membership program, based on its native Atomic Wallet Token. AWC-BEP2 holders will receive a monthly cash back for using a built-in exchange service. By the end of July, 50 users have already joined the program and received their first rewards. Membership program is available for everyone, tokens are rewarded for every exchange.

Support Work in July

This month, our support team reacted on 2518 issues in less than 1 hour. In case of any problem, reach us by email or live chat widget on our website. Atomic support service works for you 24/7.

AWC Trading Competition

We held AWC token trading competition on Binance Dex this month. Over 2000 people traded with us. By the end of 35 days, participants have made $20,000,000+ volume and distributed $80,000 rewards. You’re welcome to see the leaderboard and read about our native token AWC.

AMAs in July

We made a few AMA sessions in our Telegram chat this month. Our community was introduced to these projects: Raven Protocol, LTO Network, Thorchain and Fusion Foundation. You’re welcome to read our digests:

We’re happy to work on Atomic Wallet for you! Be always aware of our news and updates with Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and Reddit.

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