AWC IDEX trading guide

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The team at Atomic Wallet cherishes what its large and friendly community contributes to the project. We believe that together we can push the industry forward and provide secure and trustless methods for cryptocurrency management. With high hopes, Atomic Wallet releases its underlying ERC20 and BEP2 token, called Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC). And from now on, you can trade AWC on Idex, one of the largest decentralized exchanges.

Token utility

AWC is a utility token that serves as fuel for extra features, rewards, bounty program and other partnership privileges. You can earn AWC as well as you can buy the token on the trading platform. Spread the word about Atomic Wallet by making articles, reviews, videos and other interesting content to get your reward. None of your content will be left unattended. Get your promo code and share it with others. For each newcomer you encouraged to use Atomic, you will be rewarded. Other projects can also become our partner for mutual promo and get AWC under special conditions.

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Benefits for investors

The supply of Atomic Wallet Coin is limited to 100M AWC. Stacking, discounts on exchange services, extra features for trading desk and much more benefits will be given for investors.

How to trade AWC on IDEX?

Open the exchange website Create the new Ethereum wallet or unlock the existing one (you may trade right from Atomic Ethereum address by importing private keys to IDEX). Since IDEX is decentralized, you have full control over your funds, so your private keys belong only to you. When creating, follow the recommendations on the page.

How to register on IDEX

Top up your Idex wallet balance with ETH.

To start trading, send ETH to your Ethereum deposit on Idex.

Deposit ETH

Make sure the deposit transaction is complete. In the “Balance” tab, check the ETH balance.

Check Balance IDEX ETH

Now you can buy AWC and trade it. Go to IDEX and scroll down to the “Buy AWC” section.

Place an order. You can choose an order type. “Limit” means that you place your custom bid and wait for someone to close the order. “Market” is for buying AWC at the existing market rate. If you are new to trading, we suggest you the “Market” option, as it’s quicker.

Market order on IDEX to buy AWC

Now wait for the order to be closed. It will take a couple of minutes. You can track the status in your Trade History.

Check history on IDEX to buy AWC

In your Full Balance List, you will see the amount of AWC you’ve just bought. If you wish, you want to withdraw this amount to your AWC wallet address on Atomic.

You can withdraw AWC from IDEX

Look how simple it is! Atomic is not gonna stop on Idex and will make our way to other exchanges. Stay tuned with Atomic Wallet and follow our updates!

In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us on Telegram channel or at [email protected]

Happy trading, Cryptonauts!

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