Atomic Wallet September Report

Hi there! We dashed into Fall with a bunch of cool updates. Here is the report for what Atomic accomplished in September. Welcome to check it out!

What is done:

  1. New Desktop Releases (2.7.0 – 2.7.1)
  2. Mobile App – New 0.46.0 Release
  3. Atomic Wallet Academy
  4. AMAs: Dash, Digitex, Zilliqa, Nexo
  5. Support Work in September
  6. Bonus Material

Desktop Releases (2.7.0 – 2.7.1)

The new desktop version has these features:

  • Adjustable window width.
  • Redesigned assets list, added columns: price charts, portfolio, market cap.
  • Added coin info page with transaction history.
  • Added new assets: Komodo (KMD), Raven (RVN) and ARK.
  • New coins in exchange: Komodo (KMD), Raven (RVN) and ARK.
  • Instant balances update and notifications for RVN, BSV.
  • Ability to use unconfirmed inputs for sending and exchange RVN, BSV.

You can download Atomic Wallet from here.

Mobile App – New 0.46.0

Atomic’s team is at the final step before iOS launching. Meanwhile, we’re keeping improving the app for Android. Here are the updates in our 0.46.0 version. What’s new:

  • Fingerprint authentication added.
  • Buy crypto in a secure way with the credit card. BTC, XRP, ETH, XLM, LTC, BNB, BCH are available.
  • Wallet Connect for Binance DEX – login to DEX with one tap and approve orders on your mobile.
  • Exchange History added.
  • Track your balance and portfolio in local currency.
  • Added ARK coin.
  • FIO-username purchase.

Get the new mobile version on Google Play.

Atomic Academy

Welcome to check out a new educational section Academy. Enjoy a large variety of cool tutorials, longreads, and videos about crypto and blockchain technology there.

AMAs in September

AMAs in September

Atomic Wallet hosted a few AMA sessions in our Telegram chat this month. Our community was introduced to these projects: Dash, Digitex Futures, Zilliqa, and Nexo. You’re welcome to read our digests:




Support Work in September

Support Team work in September

This month, our support team reacted to 1590 issues in less than 25 minutes. In case of any problem, reach us by email or live chat widget on our website. Atomic support service works for you 24/7.

Our offline Events (Bonus material)

Atomic Wallet had a couple of fruitful offline events in September and the very beginning of October. We took part in the Baltic HoneyBadger, the first Bitcoin Conference of the year, and joined the DELTA Summit.

The focus of the Baltic conference was on blockchain education, mass adoption, as well as the future of Bitcoin. Atomic Wallet team pointed out the project’s role in the movement and discussed the challenges for non-custodial services in the sphere.

The DELTA Summit, taking place in Malta, had a much broader format. The event gathered together the leading and the most innovative blockchain projects from all over the globe.

Stay tuned with our socials as we’ll be making news about the events!

We’re happy to work on Atomic Wallet for you! Be always aware of our news and updates with Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and Reddit.

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