Report: January

Report: January

As seen on Atomic Wallet Report in January. We now want to fulfill Atomic’s milestones for the new year, we’ve started to work hard from the very beginning. Find out more about our new releases, updated wallet’s interfaces (with staking tab!) and many more!

What is done:

  1. Non-Custodial Staking for Tezos, Cosmos, Tron, Komodo & other assets
  2. New Desktop
  3. New Mobile
  4. Roadmap 2020
  5. AMA Sessions
  6. Support Work in January
  7. Membership Program

Staking in Atomic

staking in Atomic

By the end of 2019, staking for multiple assets such as Tezos, Cosmos, Tron, Komodo, Ontology/Gas, and others has become available in Atomic wallet.

Now you can choose any of your favorite PoS assets from our staking tab and stake it decentralized, with zero-fees and attractive yield’s %.

Download Atomic and enjoy staking.

Desktop Releases (2.13.0)

Report: January - Desktop app release

Our new desktop version has these features:

  1. NANO is now available for buying with a credit card.
  2. Added possibility to cancel an exchange.
  3. Wallet’s list performance and ‘send’ screen improved.
  4. Bug fixes for ERC20 & ETH tokens out of gas error, ETC history, NEO exchange, sending ADA & sending to .crypto domains.

You can download Atomic here.

Atomic Mobile Release

Report: January - mobile app release

What’s new in the 0.54.0 Android & iOS versions:

  1. NANO is now available for buying with a credit card.
  2. Added notification on lack of ONG while sending ONT.
  3. Sending assets with low-speed Internet, screens ‘send’, ‘staking’ improved.
  4. Bug fixes for KMD, BNB token balance, ETC history, AE sending.

Get the new Atomic Mobile for iOS or Android here.

Roadmap 2020


Our roadmap is the summary of what was accomplished by the Atomic wallet team in 2019 and the plans for 2020. Take a read here!

AMAs in January

AMAs Sessions

Atomic Wallet hosted AMA sessions with Unstoppable Domains, givers of human-readable names for crypto-addresses, and Komodo, first open, composable smart chain platform, in our Telegram chat this month. You’re welcome to read our digests:

Unstoppable Domains


Support Work in December

support in january

In January our support team reacted to 2383 issues in 32 minutes on average. We’re constantly getting reviews on the service, and happily improving it day by day. In case of any problem, reach us by email or live chat widget on our website. Atomic support service works for you 24/7.

Atomic Wallet Cash Back Program

membership rewards

Do you know if you use instant exchange in Atomic Wallet, you can get cash back – up to 1% every month? In December, we have fixed our calculation for the rewards. Just hold a certain amount of AWC token on your wallet. Find out more about the Membership and join the program!

We’re happy to work on Atomic Wallet for you! Be always aware of our news and updates with Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and Reddit.

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