Atomic Wallet August Report

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What is done:

Atomic Wallet August Report

Here is all info about the Atomic Wallet August Report

  1. New Desktop Releases (2.5.1 – 2.6.0)
  2. Mobile App – New 0.43.2 Release
  3. Instant notifications and balance update
  4. Ambassador Program
  5. AMAs: Loopring, Cubiex, Sentinel, Contentos, Aeron
  6. Support Work in August

Desktop Releases (2.5.1 – 2.6.0)

Atomic Wallet 2.6.0 Release

Our new desktop version has these features:

  • Instant updates for BTC, LTC, DASH, DGB, BCH and DOGE balances and history.
  • Ability to use unconfirmed inputs for sending and exchange of the assets listed above
  • Instant notifications for incoming transactions of the assets listed above.
  • Added Stellar (XLM) purchase via credit card.
  • Added auto-update for Windows – just click update in the wallet!

You can download Atomic here.

Mobile App – New 0.43.2

Atomic Wallet 100k downloads

Atomic Wallet mobile version reached 100,000 downloads this month. It’s a big milestone for us! And here are some improvements of our 0.43.2 version. What’s new:

  • Added Zilliqa (ZIL).
  • Optimized app performance.
  • BNB-BEP2 tokens from Binance DEX added.

Get the new mobile version on Google Play.

Instant Notifications and Balance Update

Atomic wallet donwloads

In our latest desktop version, we implemented instant updates and notifications for BTC, LTC, DGB, DASH, DOGE, BCH! Now sending and receiving crypto will be provided with momentary notifications! Isn’t it great?

Ambassador Program

Atomic wallet ambassador program

We launched our Ambassador Program and currently are looking for crypto enthusiasts, who will become representatives of Atomic Wallet on social media platforms, by promoting it all over the globe. The program will start in September. Just fill the form and pass the short interview with us. For more details, look here

AMAs in August

Ama session

We made a few AMA sessions in our Telegram chat this month. Our community was introduced to these projects: Loopring, Cubiex, Sentinel, Contentos, and Aeron. You’re welcome to read our digests:




Support Work in August

Atomic wallet support service

Another achievement on our Atomic Wallet August Report is that this month, our support team reacted on 2200 issues in less than 25 minutes. In case of any problem, reach us by email or live chat widget on our website. Atomic support service works for you 24/7.

We’re happy to work on Atomic Wallet for you! Be always aware of our news and updates with Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and Reddit.

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