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ARK is a unique ecosystem that is entirely decentralized (which helps to assure the high level of data security). This ecosystem aims to make users familiar with the blockchain technology. The development team wants to create a fast, secure technology that can help people.In other words, it is a small system or a sandbox that businesses or individuals can use to create their blockchain solution. The development team is focused on providing the best possible user experience by interacting with other blockchains and using various coding languages.ARK is a solution for everyone, no matter what is your technical knowledge background. ARK provides you with the tools and the resources that are required to create a robust blockchain foundation for numerous ideas, applications, or large-scale projects.

ARK features

Being a toolset for your future project, ARK has many features that allow you to create precisely what you need. ARK has such components and features as:


All the data processed is 100% protected to avoid any data breaching (which may negatively impact your business reputation). The ARK network is protected using the DPoS consensus mechanism. The whole ARK network security is controlled by 51 delegates, who also maintain the security and improve it to avoid any digital threats in the future.

Simplicity and Support

ARK is an entirely user-friendly solution that doesn’t require any deep technological background. It makes ARK a great option both for large businesses and individuals. All the tools you find in ARK are easy to work with, so you can create exactly what you need having all the benefits of blockchain technology.

The ARK development team understands that customers may have some questions and difficulties, and that is when the support center comes into play. The expert team will always answer all the questions ARK users may have. The ARK community is quite large today, and it still grows, and it is also a great source of information. Check the friendly ARK community – you may find the answer here as well. No matter what you have issues with – the ARK community and experts will gladly help you out.


Being protected is excellent. Being protected and fast is a lot better, and that is what ARK is all about. The ARK network is fast, and the development team works continuously to make sure you get an efficient solution that combines high speed and perfect data protection. You can retrieve the necessary data fast, and it helps to make your business more efficient and customer-friendly.


ARK is adaptive, and this factor is essential, especially today, when modern challenges require you to process big data. Your project starts growing, and the digital solution should do as well. ARK is scalable, which means that you can make the ecosystem you built bigger. The ARK development team pays special attention to preserving the high level of performance. That is why ARK will not slow down even if you make the ecosystem several times larger. The ARK scalability makes it an excellent option for businesses that deal with big data processing. Increase the ecosystem without performance considerations – that is how ARK is.


ARK is flexible, and it allows you to create your blockchain solutions to meet all your requirements without any limits. You can build whatever you need having no troubles at all.

ARK SmartBridge

The SmartBridge technology provided by the ARK development team is a unique solution that solves one of the most critical problems – it connects blockchains. SmartBridge is the step that can lead us to answer the vital question that floats in the altcoin community “What will replace bitcoin?”. SmartBridge can communicate between different blockchains via a special data section, which is known as a combination of Vendor Fields with Encoded Listener nodes, which process data for tasks to perform.

SmartBridge allows you to trigger an even on another blockchain. However, both blockchains have to be SmartBridge compatible.

It is necessary to add some code to a blockchain – the code is not harmful, and it doesn’t negatively affect performance. Still, it provides you with amazing possibilities as you can issue a SmartBridge transaction to any blockchain (which has to be compatible) using the ark wallet. That is the answer to the question “What will replace bitcoin?” – everything and nothing at the same time.

ARK GUI deployer

ARK is for everyone, no matter whether you are an IT specialist or an individual who needs a modern, fast, and reliable blockchain solution. Keeping this principle in mind, the ARK development team created an ergonomic graphical user interface (GUI) that allows everyone to set up your customized blockchains that meet all your requirements.

The development team spent a lot of time to polish the interface to make it easy to use and assure the highest performance possible. The GUI allows you to create, customize, and launch your first blockchain.

The ARK GUI is super flexible as it includes various SDKs, Typescript plugins, and a catalog of custom transaction types. With this amount of the tools and technologies used, you can create a fully functioning blockchain solution. It can be adapted to fit the industry.

The whole process includes three stages:

Prepare. This is the stage when you learn how to create something you need. You will have to follow some simple guides which will teach you how to design the network, how to create and connect to servers, and how to configure GitHub. Overall, this is the stage when you learn.

Customize. This is the stage when you start creating your chain and configure its properties. The GUI is user-friendly, and you can use various buttons and sliders to create precisely what you need. Some helpful tooltips will facilitate the process.

Deploy. The final stage when you deploy the blockchain with a genesis node and peers. This stage has several steps, which include

  • Deploying the chain
  • Testing the genesis node
  • Adding seed peers
  • Adding the chain to the ARK Wallet

What is ARK Wallet?

ARK wallets are available as a desktop (it is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux) and mobile solutions. These wallets are highly secured. You can check all your transactions in real-time. ARK wallets connect to a fully synced network, so you do not need to download the full blockchain, so you can set up and run your wallet in minutes. It also allows you to vote for delegates. The ARK Wallet is a unique solution that can keep different coins and protect all your transactions.

Managing ARK coins is possible using the Atomic Wallet, which is a robust solution that guarantees 100% security and management of more than 300 coins and tokens. Atomic Wallet also allows you to buy cryptocurrencies and converting them.

ARK Wallet Security

ARK Wallet uses advanced security solutions, which make it 100% secure and anonymous. ARK uses the Ledger Hardware Wallet solution that allows you to save our private keys, so only you can have access to your assets. All the data remain safe in a certified chip.

Atomic Wallet assures the highest-level security of your data. Moreover, Atomic Wallet has a very ergonomic GUI so you can easily access the necessary sections. Atomic is fully encrypted. Therefore your funds are completely safe as the seed is secured. Being a robust and versatile solution, Atomic Wallet allows you to control various coins and tokens, and it has a high level of data protection.

How does Atomic Wallet work?

Atomic Wallet is one of the newest solutions in the cryptocurrency wallets market. Atomic Wallet is designed using various technological features of crypto transactions. Apart from modern technologies, this wallet uses numerous smart solutions that make this product reliable and the one that meets all the current requirements. Atomic Wallet supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies, including the most popular coins and all the ERC-20 tokens.

This wallet has a user-friendly GUI that allows you to access different sections, buy cryptocurrencies, exchange, etc.

Security is the crucial point of the Atomic Wallet, and that’s why the development team pays special attention to it. The private keys are stored on the device. Plus, a user gets a unique seed phrase that controls access to the account. The seed phrase is the second security layer.

All the data and connections used by Atomic Wallet are encrypted. This is a serverless solution, so it doesn’t require any complicated registration, and you don’t provide any extra personal information.

Where to keep ARK?

Atomic Wallet is an excellent option for crypto management. This wallet works with 300 cryptocurrencies, and it assures a high level of data protection. All your transactions and connections are encrypted. The funds are secured. Atomic Wallet uses private keys stored on your device. This wallet also has a swap and multi-blockchain support.

Overall, Atomic Wallet combines two main features. First, it is versatile as it works with different cryptocurrencies, and you ca swap them. Second, this solution is 100% secured, so all the data is encrypted, and you have nothing to worry about.

To install Atomic Wallet, you will need to go to the download page and select the version you need for your operating system. You need to press on the name of the OS. The download file window will pop up. You will need to save the installation file on your PC.