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ZenCash (ZEN) price 2020

ZEN’s current price at the time of writing is $6.50, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,213,021. Price is in on the fall by 1.6% in the last 24 hours. ZEN has a market cap rank at #71 with a circulating supply of 8.1 Million and a max supply of 21 Million coins.

ZenCash (ZEN) has been in the market since May 2017. ZEN price is being up to $6-6.5 lately. The coin may be rising due to some partnerships or roadmap accomplishments, like the launch of mainnet or listing on the top exchange.

Watching back on ZEN price history, it had its rise and falls. It was first traded in the cryptocurrency exchange on 01 Jun 2017 for $10.75 and saw it’s all-time-high on 31 Dec 2017, reaching up to a price of $65.14.

Looking deeply into ZenCash history and present work, we can consider that it has the potentials of being one of the top cryptocurrencies. It’s trustable by the investors, and not surprising that ZEN may be a contributor to high competition for a bright future in the crypto world. ZenCash is playing better in the market and chasing well with the need of time. Nothing can accurately disclose the future than the time itself. Still, estimating on terms of its past and present performance, it’s a good investment for the years to come.

According to the moves of ZenCash, we can say it’s rather profitable to invest in this coin for the long term. At least, you should wait for 5-6 years. Market researchers are expecting the worth of 1 ZEN to be around $80.27. Most probably, ZEN will only rise, and you will be only richer.

However, one, who is curious to invest in ZenCash, should keep an eye on the social platforms of the blockchain. Whether the coin is going up or down, the movement is usually stated in the news.

Indeed, it isn’t effortless to make an accurate forecast on ZenCash (ZEN) future. The only thing is to rely on doing various research work and collect data about the ZEN original price, and the chart is showing.

What is ZenCash (ZEN)

Zencash, being introduced in May 2017, is currently known to be Horizen (ZEN). It’s a Zcash fork that has also implemented the zero-knowledge proof (zk-SNARK) mechanism, just like on the ZEN blockchain. This can really be a reason for relief to its users, who concern about Zencash privacy, as the network specializes in its privacy. ZEN is its local cryptocurrency made to run on the Horizon platform.

It’s latest programming system provides some cutting edge technological advancements like never before, including some of the ones shown below.A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) has a goal to establish a non-prohibited financial system for the ZenCash platform to grow and survive smoothly. It tends to include a voting mechanism for users to choose and vote for the ballgame they want to.

ZenPub puts in a domain fronting technique to hide the endpoint of communication, which allows consumers to connect to a service that may otherwise be blocked by IP or DNS. ZenPub offers Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) connection to ensure a safety standard web structure for uploading data with maximum security.

ZenChat. ZenCash loads its platform with a highly secured private messaging application that can operate independently without using any other hardware or software. Users can set up their private channel to communicate without any unwanted interference or sharing of info, in a minimal spend of ZEN.

ZenHide. Zencash shields itself utilizing domain fronting technique, which hides the endpoint of communication detail. It’s mainly useful for users living in the countries that are aggressive to cryptocurrencies and threatens to block all major digital currencies, including Bitcoin and even ZCash.

Eventually, Zencash is an advanced protocol decentralized blockchain platform with a native token ZEN, which ensures users’ transactions and data privacy with anonymity and additional inbuilt security.

Horizen (ZEN) Wallet

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