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HOT Price History | 2020

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, HOT had a modest start. Its initial price before the release was $0,00091, it experienced some fluctuations before making any cap, and established at the level $0,001519 on May 8, 2018. At that point, HOT got a market cap a bit higher than $200 million. Right after that, the price went into the bearish trend which led to the rate of $0,000473 at the end of July. After that fall, the price started growing which resulted in a $0,001527 peak in September. HOT’s chart took a sideways between $0,0009 and $0,0013 till the middle of November. The price dropped at that point and took another sideways between $0,0004 and $0,0006 for the rest of the year.

The first half of 2019 was a blast-off period for Holo. Since the very January, the price started to grow intensely and reached its all-time high — $0,002538 on the 29th of May. Unfortunately, the further trend was not so positive. HOT’s price decreased for the rest of the year and reached the level under the $0,0007 line — even lower than the initial one.

At the time of this article writing in December 2019, the current price of the HOT token is $0,000643. Its total market cap is $103 917 719 which is number 43 in the CoinMarketCap’s cryptocurrency rating. The recent daily volume of trading is $8 494 973. 161 520 544 024 HOT are circulating on the market at the moment. The total supply is established at the level of 177 619 433 541 HOT.

The crypto community is quite optimistic about the future of HOT.

  • Coinpedia made an analysis and prediction article about Holo. In the predictions part, it is stated that Holo’s cost will be around $0.0045 at the end of 2020.
  • Walletinvestor predictions platform is quite positive in their forecast, too. According to their data, HOT will cost $0,000741 in December 2020 and $0,001084 in December 2024.
  • Tradingbeasts crypto portal makes a forecast with significant gains as well. According to the website, HOT’s average rate will be $0.0008436 at the end of 2020, $0.0012137 at the end of 2021 and $0.0014734 at the end of 2022.

This article is not financial advice but it is quite clear that the project is worth considering as an investment option. Read the full Price Prediction 2020 here

What is Holochain (HOT)

Holochain is a blockchain-based project that mainly functions as an app framework. The main purpose of this framework is to serve as a fast, scalable and contemporary platform for decentralized applications (that are also called dApps). The platform is claimed to become a new type of decentralized network. It is centralized on agents (similar to nods in a traditional blockchain) instead of being data-centric.

Holochain applies a new form of blockchain management structure. The project rejects the traditional blockchain concept where participants confirm and make records of the whole blockchain. In order to provide much better scalability and performance, agents run their own private blockchains that are connected to the main net with a special cryptographic key. The overall data is synchronized on a regular basis by the net’s algorithms or users’ decisions. It is more like a distributed concept than a decentralized one, but it’s still a fresh idea that can change the world of crypto.

As of this writing in December 2020, the mainnet is still under development, so the announced Holo fuel coin hasn’t gone live yet. Instead of that, the team ran the ERC20-based token called Holo or HOT in order to raise funds for the project. The ICO was held in March an May 2018, the token was released on the mass market in May. HOT is listed on numerous exchanges including Binance, Hotbit, Latoken, and Bilaxy.

The team behind the project is headed by co-founders Arthur Brock and Eric Harris. Both are computer specialists and experienced entrepreneurs. The company was created in December 2016 and is based in San-Francisco, the USA.

The project seems to be quite promising for now. It is reflected in HOT’s positions — it is, for instance, in the top-50 of CoinMarketCap’s rating. With such ambitious plans, Holochain is highly possible to become a huge player, so it’s vital to take a look at the HOT’s price.

Holochain Wallet

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