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Digibyte Price 2020

The current price of the DigiByte fluctuates around $0.005228; the total market capitalization is $66,233,335, which makes DGB one of the 60 most popular digital currencies as of December 2019. The circulating supply is 12,668,596,396 DGB, while the maximum supply is 21,000,000,000 DGB. The daily trading volume is around $911,133.

The all-time high of DigiByte, $0.142889, was reached on January 7, 2018 – during the most famous cryptocurrency bull-run of winter 2017. On the other hand, the all-time low of DigiByte, $0.000020, occurred way back on December 20, 2014. Currently, the estimated ROI (return on investment) of DGB is 251.82%, which means that $100 worth of DGB bought at the time of the DigiByte launch would yield more around $251 of profit today.

In February 2014, the coin first appeared on the market. The starting price of 1 cent kept for a couple of days but quickly dropped all the way down to $0.0003. In the beginning, Digibyte did not really stand out, which is why the attention of investors was focused on other cryptocurrencies. However, the coin was slowly but surely becoming more well-known in the community, which led to a steady increase in market capitalization.

For about three years, the price of DGB was hovering around the $0.0003 level. At last, in spring 2017, the price finally started to go up, reaching as high as $0.001. This meant a three-fold profit for early investors. For the first time, the market capitalization of DigiByte reached the level of tens of millions of dollars. After that, the bearish trend dominated the market, and the price did not really recover ever since.

Already by autumn 2017, DigiByte entered a long-running bull trend. Some of the factors that helped the price of DGB rise were the addition of the coin to the payment system Paytomat, as well as the listing on top cryptocurrency exchanges. The steady growth brought DigiByte to a historical high of 13 cents per coin in January 2018; at the time, the market capitalization reached $1.2 billion.

The DigiByte team emphasizes that the currency was not created for “speculations on volatility.” In fact, the gradual mining concept was implemented in order to keep the coin price realistic, allowing people to buy a full DGB coin when mass adoption arrives.

DigiByte (DGB) reached a historical high in January 2018 at 13 cents per coin. Before that, the coin was fluctuating around $0.0003 for three years, which was not a coincidence but a planned strategy to maintain stability. To this day, DigiByte market stabilization is one of the developers’ priorities.

Nevertheless, technical analysis of the coin dynamics suggests its potential growth in 2020. DGB is a prominent cryptocurrency that aims to solve major blockchain problems and is thus considered a profitable investment according to several forecasts. According to DigitalCoinPrice, in 2020, the price of DGB can double, reaching $0.01185469. Read More

What is DigiByte (DGB)

DigiByte is a rapidly growing public blockchain with a strong focus on cybersecurity of digital payments and decentralized applications. Created by Jared Tate in 2014, it is currently the world’s largest major blockchain. The DigiByte currency (DGB) was created to improve on the shortcomings of BTC and LTC, specifically high fees, vulnerability to attacks, poor scalability, low bandwidth, and volatility. The DGB Genesis block contained a headline: “USA Today: 10/Jan/2014, Target: Data stolen from up to 110M customers”. A total amount of DGB – 21 million – will be mined gradually until 2035.

In comparison with conventional blockchains, DigiByte uses five cryptographic mining algorithms, which prevents mining centralization. The block speed is 15 seconds. Thanks to Segregated Witness (SegWit) implementation, cross-chain transactions, and single confirmation transactions are made possible. A distinct feature of DigiByte transactions is a set limit in size and scope, which leads to an increase in throughput, speed, and efficiency, while also helping maintain security.

Digibyte Wallet

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