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June 21, 2024
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Hamster Kombat is a social clicking sensation, like Notcoin on steroids. There are some extra things to make it more enjoyable, like becoming a CEO of a tier 1 exchange of your choice, watching your hamster evolve, and buying upgrades to increase your “income,” but all in all, the game requires you to tap your screen for hours on end to build up coins.

In the future, Hamster Kombat will list on exchanges and these coins will be able to be swapped for actual cryptocurrency. 

The Rise of Hamster Kombat

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In the wild world of cryptocurrency games, Hamster Kombat has emerged as a breakout star. Launched on March 25, 2024 on The Open Network (TON), this play-to-earn clicker game has taken the crypto community by storm. 

Within just 11 days, it amassed 1 million players, and the numbers have only skyrocketed since. As of June 14th, Hamster Kombat boasts a mind-blowing 148 million users, with more than 40 million daily active players! That means way over 1% of the entire world’s population has played this game. Hamster Kombat is also officially the largest ever Telegram group with 31 million followers. The stats are impressive and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down.

It’s already established itself as a serious competitor for another popular clicker game on The Open Network - Notcoin.

The game's viral success can be attributed to its highly engaging mechanics and the power of word-of-mouth. 


  • Launch Date: March 25, 2024
  • 1 million players in 11 days
  • 148 million players total (as of June 14th)
  • 40 million daily active users (as of June 14th)
  • More than 6.5 million gamers are online simultaneously 

Is Hamster Kombat a Scam?

Its phenomenal statistics have led some to believe that it’s a great big ponzi scheme. However, Hamster Kombat has been endorsed by Telegram and TON and is one of the fastest growing apps in history. It made it to over 100 million users in just a few months, a feat that puts it in the same ballpark as ChatGPT and Threads.

While the play-to-earn side of it has yet to come to fruition, there is a transparent roadmap that outlines summer 2024 to be the time of the token launch. The whitepaper is also said to be coming soon.

Ultimately, Hamster Kombat is a brand new game that is rapidly growing its user base because of its addictive gameplay and potential to earn real cryptocurrency.

Unique Features of the Game

Hamster Kombat isn't just another clicker game; it brings a unique flair to the play-to-earn genre. Hosted on Telegram, it offers an easy and accessible platform for users. In fact, it’s so easy to get started, you can be playing it within mere moments. 

The game revolves around tapping mechanics where players perform tasks to earn rewards and upgrade their hamsters. One key difference between Hamster Kombat and Notcoin is that Hamster Kombat has confirmed that the airdrop will be based on how many coins your hamster is earning per hour, and not on the total coins. 

The gameplay differs here in that players need to apply different combos so that they can earn more coins per hour. Like with Notcoin, this encourages players to explore the TON ecosystem, rewarding players for a vast number of things:

Key features include:

  • Daily Rewards and Special Tasks: Players are incentivized to log in daily and complete various tasks (follow accounts, watch videos, join groups) to earn points and rewards.
  • Frequent Giveaways: Regular giveaways keep the excitement alive and encourage continuous participation.
  • In-Game Social Sharing: Players can invite friends and expand their in-game network, earning additional rewards for each new recruit.
  • Upgradeable Hamsters: Players can use their rewards to upgrade their hamsters, enhancing their performance and earning potential.

You can also level up your hamster which allows you to unlock higher scoring combos and more coins per click. It’s an addictive game that adds a strategy element to the potentially tiresome base gameplay. Here’s a glimpse at what you can expect.

The combination of these elements creates a rewarding experience, making Hamster Kombat a standout in the crowded field of crypto games.

Gameplay Mechanics of Hamster Kombat

Earning and Spending Points

In the zany world of Hamster Kombat, racking up points is more fun than watching a hamster on a wheel. Players can snag thousands of coins a day just by tapping away. But that’s not all. You can assign different cards to your hamster to unlock more coins per hour. Be strategic about it and you can give your hamster a huge boost. 

Don’t forget to dive into the daily tasks and special events too. These allow you to collect even more tokens, essential for getting your hamster and his exchange business to the top.

A lot of the bonuses cost you coins to purchase, but reward you with a sweet increase in points per hour – which is the main goal after all. The best part is, these points per hour continue even when you’re not playing the game so you can spend less time tapping away.

Partner Channels and Rewards

Hamster Kombat has cleverly stitched together a network of partner channels that crank up the fun and rewards. By hopping into these channels, players not only score more points but also unlock exclusive goodies. 

Take the referral program, for example — it's a goldmine. Players earn 5,000 coins for each friend who joins from their referral link and a jaw-dropping 25,000 coins if the friend opts for Telegram Premium. The more your friends play and level up, the more coins you rake in. It's a hamster wheel that keeps spinning in your favor!

Rank Progression and Benefits

Climbing the ranks in Hamster Kombat is addictive. It combines simplicity with strategy in such a way that leaves you craving more. The game shares some rules with Tapswap, another hit in the Web3 space, making it immediately familiar to those that have played it.

As players gather coins, they can spend them on leveling up, which allows them to unlock stronger perks and more coins per click. This rank also gives you bragging rights, making the journey worth every tap.

Hamster Kombat has caught fire among gamers in Nigeria and Iran, showing the rising interest in Web3 projects. Tapping away to collect coins and build a crypto empire isn't just engaging — it's a blast and a cool way to earn crypto, especially in countries with weak currencies. When Axie Infinity first took off, there were players in the Philippines treating it as a full-time job!

Hamster Kombat’s cryptocurrency is yet to launch, but the game mixes humor, strategy, and rewards, making it a delightful ride for both crypto newbies and seasoned pros.

Strategies for Success in Hamster Kombat

While the main gameplay mechanic is tapping on your hamster, you’re not going to get very far if that’s all you do. Head on down to where it says “Mine” at the bottom and start making your coins work for you. Passive income is the quickest way to success on Hamster Kombat.

Daily Tasks and Special Events

In the wild and wacky world of Hamster Kombat, staying active is your ticket to success. Daily tasks are your bread and butter here. Knock these out, and you’ll rack up points, tokens, and sometimes even surprise goodies. The game also loves to throw in special events and giveaways, which are like hitting the jackpot for exclusive upgrades and rare items.

Upgrading Hamsters and Tokens

The heart and soul of Hamster Kombat is all about upgrading your hamsters and tokens. The game uses a token system that rewards you for being active. By completing daily tasks, you earn tokens, which are crucial for upgrading your hamsters and expanding your digital empire.

To get the most out of your upgrades:

  • Play consistently to gather tokens.
  • Focus on upgrading hamsters with the best potential profit-per-hour.
  • Use special event rewards to boost your upgrades.

Community Engagement and Referral Program

Getting involved with the community is a game-changer in Hamster Kombat. The game thrives on a viral effect, encouraging you to invite friends. This not only grows the user base (to astronomical levels) but also gives you sweet rewards for each referral.

The referral program is where it’s at. Invite a friend on Telegram, and you get 5,000 coins. If your friend is on a premium Telegram plan, you score a massive 25,000 coins. Plus, you keep earning coins as your referred friends play and level up.

Engaging with the community on Telegram and other platforms keeps you in the loop about upcoming events, strategies, and potential partnerships. This way, you stay ahead of the game and optimize your hamster CEO like a pro.

By mastering these strategies — daily tasks, upgrades, and community engagement — you can dominate the thrilling world of Hamster Kombat and build a crypto empire that’ll make all your rodent rivals green with envy.

Get 1,000,000 Extra Coins With the Daily Cipher!

The daily cipher was introduced on June 5th. Check out this introduction video to find out more details.

To unlock the daily cipher, you must tap three times on the “Earn per tap” button and the daily cipher option will appear. Now you must input a codeword in Morse Code with your taps. 

The code changes every day and you’ll need to pay attention to Hamster Kombat’s socials to get a clue about what it is. If you find the code, you can earn a sweet 1,000,000 per day!

The first few codes were simple crypto-related words like BTC or ETH.

Future of Hamster Combat

There’s a full roadmap on Hamster Kombat’s website, detailing plans for the token generation event, in-game token utility, and other things like time-limited events.

Partnerships and Exchanges

Hamster Kombat isn't just another social clicker; it's gearing up to make a big splash in the crypto gaming scene. The game has teamed up with exchanges like BingX, hinting that their token might soon be listed there. If this happens, it could make it easier for players to trade their tokens, adding more excitement for both newbies and crypto veterans. 

Since the game is built on TON blockchain, setting up your very own TonCoin wallet ahead of the listing is a great idea. This will enable you to connect your wallet to the game and convert your in-game coins into cryptocurrency tokens when the time comes. It’ll also mean you can trade it on decentralized exchanges on TON when the time comes, providing they have liquidity.

Airdrop Date and Token Launch

The chatter around Hamster Kombat keeps growing. The team has announced that there will be an airdrop in the near future and it will be based on profit-per-hour in the game. That means your total coins will be worthless. Use them to boost your profit-per-hour as much as possible. 

The TGE (token generation event) is scheduled for July 2024, but no specific date has been given.

When Will Hamster Kombat Be Listed?

It would stand to reason that the biggest crypto game in history would be able to land itself on several exchanges at launch. That means you should keep your eyes peeled in July. 

As of yet, they have been silent about specific exchanges and specific dates.  

Navigating the Crypto Gaming Scene

The Hamster Kombat aren’t resting. The game is working on partnerships with big names in both crypto and gaming. These alliances aim to expand the game's reach and add more features for players. By teaming up with industry leaders, Hamster Kombat is set to grow and keep up with the fast-paced crypto gaming world, making sure it stays a top pick.

By keeping an eye on these updates, players can get the most out of their gaming experience and maybe even score some big rewards. What the future has in store for Hamster Kombat remains unknown, but with 148 million players, you can be sure it’s not the last you’ve heard of it. 

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