Memecoins: Our Top Picks for 2024

Andrew Carr
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May 29, 2024
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Accumulating since the beginning of 2024, but dominating market narratives in the beginning weeks of this latest bull cycle, memecoins have been surging in value for months and we are here to offer the best picks of 2024. 

Memecoins will always be relevant regarding trends and investor popularity, they are staples of culture with values driven by highly speculative factors like celebrity tweets and company scandals. However, the one thing connecting all the best memecoins of 2024 is the blockchain they’re hosted on!

Solana’s memecoin ecosystem skyrocketed this year because of the blockchain’s incredible finality. Blockchain finality is a measure of how fast it takes for transaction data to be recorded on-chain and become immutable where no parties can alter it. 

Why Solana?

Constant engagement is very important for a memecoin’s value because when a community can interact quickly and fluidly, the meme spreads faster. This is a need for memecoin communities that Solana easily fulfills. 

Solana offers insanely fast transaction throughput because of its architecture which utilizes optimistic parallelism. Parallelism in computing is the concept of breaking down computations so that separate parts of it are executed in parallel to improve efficiency. 

Optimistic Parallelism

Optimistic parallelism is a concurrency control approach designed to enhance the efficiency and performance of parallel processing tasks. This method allows multiple processes or transactions to execute concurrently, based on the assumption that conflicts between them are rare. 

Instead of relying on immediate synchronization mechanisms to prevent conflicts, optimistic parallelism maximizes resource utilization by permitting tasks to proceed simultaneously. If conflicts do occur, they are detected and resolved after the fact, ensuring that the final state remains consistent and adheres to the system's integrity constraints.

The core of optimistic parallelism lies in its assumption that conflicts will be infrequent, thus allowing tasks or transactions to run in parallel without constant checks for conflicts. After the concurrent operations have been executed, the system performs conflict detection by comparing the results to identify any inconsistencies or overlaps. 

If conflicts are detected, they are resolved, often by rolling back and retrying the conflicting operations. This post-execution conflict resolution process helps maintain system integrity while maximizing performance.

The advantages of optimistic parallelism include increased performance and reduced waiting time. By allowing concurrent execution, systems can achieve higher throughput and efficiency. Unlike pessimistic approaches that lock resources and potentially cause delays, optimistic parallelism reduces waiting time for tasks. 

Optimistic Parallelism in Memecoins

By leveraging optimistic parallelism, the underlying technology of a memecoin can process transactions more quickly and efficiently. This means users experience shorter wait times when sending, receiving, or interacting with the memecoin. 

A faster, more responsive system enhances overall user satisfaction, making the community more active and engaged.

Optimistic parallelism allows the system to handle a higher volume of transactions simultaneously without significant delays. As the memecoin community grows, the system can scale efficiently to accommodate more users and transactions. 

This scalability ensures that the community can expand without experiencing performance bottlenecks, maintaining a positive user experience even during periods of rapid growth.

A memecoin that operates on a fast and efficient system is more likely to attract new users. People are drawn to platforms that provide quick and reliable services. By showcasing the technical advantages of optimistic parallelism, the memecoin can appeal to a broader audience, including those who prioritize performance and efficiency in their crypto transactions.

Top Memecoin Picks for 2024


Slerf, a memecoin launched on the Solana blockchain, experienced a dramatic and unexpected journey that has captivated the crypto community. Initially marred by a significant developer error, Slerf has managed to transform adversity into unprecedented trading success, creating a thriving community in the process.

Slerf stumbled into a major setback when its developer inadvertently destroyed a significant portion of the coin’s supply. This mishap led to a total loss of $10 million, which was the collective investment of presale investors. 

The developer attempted to address the situation on the social media platform X, openly admitting to the irreversible error of burning the liquidity pool and tokens earmarked for a future airdrop. Due to the irreversible decision to revoke minting permissions, there was no way to correct the mistake, prompting public apologies and expressions of remorse during an X Spaces discussion.

Despite this significant error, the market's reaction to Slerf was surprisingly positive. Trading volumes surged, exceeding $7.1 billion, and the coin’s value saw a meteoric rise. Initially launched at $0.027, Slerf’s price soared to $0.95, implying a $479 million fully diluted valuation. 

Slerf raised 54,583 SOL, all of which was burned, positioning it as a massive token presale. Since the mishap, Slerf has been listed on several centralized exchanges such as KuCoin, HTX, and LBank, as well as decentralized exchanges like Raydium on Solana. 

The trading volume on Raydium alone has exploded, with over $7.1 billion traded since the memecoin's launch. This volume accounts for nearly 7.5% of the total volume generated by Raydium since its inception in May 2021. The unexpected deflationary effect of the liquidity pool burn has also contributed to Slerf's appeal, as the high trading volumes have led to millions in transaction fees, reducing the token supply even further.


Launched in December 2023, Ponke quickly captured the attention of the crypto community with its distinctive brand identity and unique approach. Diverging from the common dog-themed memecoins, Ponke introduces a playful and unconventional monkey mascot, humorously described as a “degenerate gambler with anger issues.” This quirky character sets Ponke apart in the crowded memecoin market, attracting interest and engagement from crypto enthusiasts.

A key factor in Ponke's rapid rise is its strong and active community, known as the #PONKEARMY. This engaged group of supporters is the backbone of Ponke's success, driving its popularity through enthusiastic participation and promotion. The community is further energized by strategic partnerships with prominent crypto influencers such as CryptoBanter and DaVinciJlevan. 

Ponke distinguishes itself from other memecoins not only through its unique branding but also through its technical contributions to the Solana blockchain. Ponke operates a Solana Validator node, actively contributing to the network’s security and stability. 

This technical involvement demonstrates Ponke's commitment to the Solana ecosystem, setting it apart from memecoins that focus solely on virality without substantive contributions to the underlying blockchain technology.


BOME, short for “Book of Memes,” was launched in March 2024 by DarkFarms with the goal of redefining Web3 by establishing a permanent repository for meme culture on the blockchain. This novel initiative includes tools for creating and sharing original memes, fostering a lively and engaged online community.

BOME's launch quickly became a standout event in the memecoin arena. Its presale raised over 10,000 SOL, reflecting significant initial interest and support. This early achievement led to an impressive market cap of $1 billion within just days of its debut.

A major factor in BOME’s success is its strategic listings on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges. Soon after its launch, BOME was listed on Binance. Additionally, BOME is available on other major exchanges such as, HTX, Bybit, and Solana-based decentralized exchanges like Jupiter and Raydium. This wide availability highlights BOME’s rapid ascent and the substantial interest it has attracted within the crypto community.


Bonk is a memecoin that has garnered attention for its unique approach and community engagement within the cryptocurrency space. Launched with a humorous and irreverent ethos, Bonk aims to create a playful and entertaining environment for its users.

At its core, Bonk operates on the premise of "bonking," which is a term used to describe the act of engaging with the memecoin's ecosystem. This can include buying, selling, or holding Bonk tokens, as well as participating in community events, discussions, and memes.

One of the distinguishing features of Bonk is its emphasis on meme culture and humor. The project leverages memes and playful branding to create a lighthearted atmosphere that resonates with its target audience. This approach not only attracts users who appreciate humor and internet culture but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared identity within the Bonk community.

In addition to its focus on memes, Bonk also incorporates elements of decentralization and community governance. Users are encouraged to participate in decision-making processes through voting mechanisms, allowing them to have a say in the direction of the project.


The landscape of memecoins in 2024 is vibrant and dynamic, with several standout projects making waves in the crypto community. These projects not only reflect the ever-evolving nature of internet culture but also demonstrate the innovative potential of blockchain technology.

Solana emerges as a key player in the memecoin space, with its efficient blockchain infrastructure and fast transaction finality providing a solid foundation for projects like SLERF, PONKE, and BOME to thrive. The adoption of optimistic parallelism further enhances the scalability and performance of memecoin ecosystems, enabling faster transaction processing and improved user experiences.

SLERF's unexpected journey, PONKE's unique brand identity, BOME's commitment to meme culture, and Bonk's playful approach all contribute to the diversity and richness of the memecoin landscape. Each project brings its own set of strengths and innovations, catering to different segments of the crypto community and attracting widespread interest and support.

As memecoins continue to evolve and mature, they remain an integral part of web3 culture, driven by trends, humor, and speculative factors. The top picks for 2024 showcase the creativity, resilience, and community engagement that define the memecoin phenomenon, highlighting the exciting potential for further growth and innovation in the years to come.

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