All-Time Low (ATL)

Elizabeth Wright
| Editor:
March 8, 2023
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The term “All-Time Low” is the opposite of All-Time High. All-Time Low is related to the minimal price that an asset (it may be a share or a cryptocurrency coin) has ever reached on the market.

Usually, the All-Time Low price is set when an asset comes into the market. Investors may not trust new assets, and that is the reason why the new asset price remains low. Another possible reason when an asset sets the new All-Time Low value is when a country (that uses a cryptocurrency) introduces new laws, which makes the new asset harder to use, and it loses its price.

The All-Time Low value can be used to show the minimal theoretical price that an asset could have been sold for. This value can be used to show the minimal price that a potential buyer should have spent to buy an asset.

An asset may reach the All-Time Low value several times a year, a month or a day. When an asset hits the All-Time Low value it may be considered as losing interest in the asset. When an asset price reaches the All-Time Low may become a signal for investors, and it may lead to high volume selling, which in turn, may cause reducing the asset price even further. Sometimes, an asset may not rebound or recover in value.

The All-Time Low value can be used as a factor to create your investment strategy. Again, it shouldn’t be the only factor to consider. It can be a trigger for the “buy low, sell high” strategy. It’s important to understand if the upward trend is possible using the given asset.

Atomic wallet provides you with the complete information about a given asset (a cryptocurrency), like ATH (All-Time High) and ATL (All-Time Low), you can not only estimate the potential asset price but also understand its dynamics and create a correct investment strategy.

The All-Time Low (ATL) can be used with fractions of a cryptocurrency. Even if 0.1 of a cryptocurrency was sold for $100, then the All-Time Low (ATL) for the given cryptocurrency is $1000.

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